We are aiming always for more engagement, more support and stronger advocacy. The College community embraces current students, ex-students, parents, past parents, staff, former staff and members of the Parents and Friends Association, as well as lots of people from the wider community.

In the Advancement Office, we are all acutely aware we are promoting a dynamic Catholic learning environment with a rich history going back to 1858 with the Sisters of Charity.

The Sisters of Charity, of course, had an entrepreneurial spirit and worked effectively with the broader community to make things happen. Today, the Advancement Office is inspired by that same sense of service-centred leadership and entrepreneurship.

At St Vincent’s, we are all part of a diverse community that fosters creativity, discernment and leadership. And it’s a community where young girls develop into courageous women of action. Of course, a wonderful network exists beyond the College for students and parents. Together we continue to celebrate different times, yet the same strong spirit.

The specific role of the Advancement Office is to ensure all members of the College community are nurtured, encouraged and presented with opportunities to be involved. We strongly espouse a “can-do” attitude. We like to make things happen. We connect people and bring them together. We are an interface – a hub, linking people from far and wide. We channel the goodwill in the community and focus it for good. As much as possible, we amplify the Vinnies spirit.

In addition to providing support to the College, we also oversee philanthropy and fundraising to ensure the best possible future for our students.

The Advancement Office is the registered office of St Vincent’s College Foundation, which together with the Parents and Friends Association, and the St Vincent’s College Ex-Students' Union provide vast ongoing support that ensures the College is able to continue to develop and meet the needs of students, today and into the future.

The Advancement Office comprises:

Lyndal Rose - Community Development Manager

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