At St Vincent's College Visual Arts is considered as an academic discipline contributing to the complete education of the young person. The study of Visual Arts provides young women from urban and country backgrounds with opportunities to develop as confident, reflective and independent individuals.

Programming in the Visual Arts Department situates the rationale, aims, objectives and outcomes of the NSW Board of Studies Visual Arts Syllabuses within the particular Christian values expressed in the College’s Mission Statement. The pedagogical cycle of the Ignatian spirituality that underpins the Catholic ethos of the College presents us with a model of learning that moves through experience, reflection and action in a practice of education that is complementary to the aims of the syllabuses.

Art as a disciplined mode of learning is concerned with matters of quality, value and significance. Imaginative interpretations of the world and reasoned critical responses made by teachers and students foster a learning environment that is based on respect for others' points of view, shared experiences, and the individual's unique preferences. In this way the study of Visual Arts promotes a reflective sense of the self and an awareness of action underpinned by justice.

Visual Arts Courses at St Vincent’s College:

  • Stage 4 - Mandatory Visual Arts is taught to all students in Years 7 and 8
  • Stage 5 - Elective Visual Arts and Photographic and Digital Media are offered to students in Years 9 and 10
  • Stage 6 - Visual Arts is offered to students in Years 11 and 12

All courses are structured around the teaching of conventions and techniques of making art and the exploration of materials in relation to topics and concepts that engage the student’s imagination. This firm grounding supports increasingly independent and skilful explorations of the power and pleasure of representation. Students are offered opportunities to experience the communication of ideas through the exhibition of their work. The practices of art criticism and art history assume increasing significance as students’ progress through Visual Arts courses. Their understanding of the values and beliefs which shape significance and meaning in artworks and art practice is supported by systematic teaching in the written forms through which knowledge and ideas about art are communicated.

The Visual Arts Department offers students skills and experiences in a range of forms including painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, photography, digital media and animation. The Visual Arts Department is privileged in the size of our rooms which allow for separate studio space for senior students and in our proximity to Sydney’s major art galleries.

The Visual Arts, Technology and Design Department is comprised of:

  • Mr Graeme Colman - Head of Department
  • Ms Kaliope Aldridge
  • Ms Silk Burke - TAS (Semester I)
  • Ms Sana Issa
  • Ms Priscilla Laliotis - TAS (from Semester II)
  • Ms Emma Palmer
  • Ms Juliana Roque
  • Ms Tanya Schneider
  • Mr Steven Taylor

Contact the Visual Arts, Technology and Design Department:
Mr Graeme Colman