Fostering the development of strong female scientists at school is essential to tackle the many challenges that our society faces. Artificial intelligence, genetic modification, food and water shortages and climate change are among the many scientific issues that confront us daily in the media. These require a sound understanding of Science to better inform our evidence-based decisions.

Science also instils a sense of intrigue and triggers curiosity amongst many students. It is a fascinating, fast-moving area. Science can answer many questions. Why do I see lightning before I hear thunder? What is there on the surface of Mars? What is the Universe made of? How hot will the Greenhouse world be?

Science for Years 7 to 10

Science is a mandatory subject in Years 7 to 10, with students undertaking the study of a range of meaningful and relevant modules created specifically to interest our students. In Stage 4 (Years 7 and 8) students develop their laboratory skills and gain a solid grounding in the Living, Chemical and Physical World. These areas are developed in Stage 5 (Years 9 and 10) with further exploration of the impacts of Science in the fields of disease, genetics and space research.

Science for Years 11 and 12

The Stage 6 Science courses offered by the College include Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Environmental Science and Physics. Students may choose to study up to three of these courses for the Higher School Certificate. Science Extension is additionally available to study in Year 12.

Real World Experiences and Technology

At St Vincent’s College, students are offered a diverse range of scientific experiences within the classroom and in the field. They investigate explanations for the biological, physical and chemical world. Opportunities are provided to think critically and problem-solve individually and in teams. Students use data probes, analyse data, plan investigations and draw valid conclusions. Opportunities, using oral and written methods as well as technology, are given to communicate their acquired knowledge.

Our central city location places stimulating learning venues within easy reach such as the Observatory, Australian and Maritime Museums, Sydney and New South Wales Universities and Taronga Zoo.