Following the tradition of the Sisters of Charity, students graduating from St Vincent's College are highly confident, skilled and independent students of Mathematics, ready to use the knowledge and problem solving skills acquired through their study to serve their families and community in hope, justice and generosity.

Years 7 and 8

All students in this stage follow the same course, based upon the NSW Mathematics Syllabus - Stage 4. The course covers topics in Number, Algebra, Measurement, Geometry, Statistics and Probability. Topics include Integers; Fractions, Decimals and Percentages; Algebra and Equations, Linear Relationships and Graphs; Pythagoras’ Theorem; Perimeter, Area and Volume; Probability and Data.

Whilst learning within each facet of Mathematics, students develop general skills in how to work mathematically. These include the literacy and numeracy skills required to understand and solve problems fluently and communicate the reasoning that justifies their conclusions. Technology, such as spreadsheet and graphing software is introduced. They also are taught good learning habits such as note taking, regular practice and the confidence to ask questions readily.

Years 11 and 12

The College runs all Mathematics courses available in Stage 6. This includes Mathematics Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2. The College caters for all students by running the full range of courses, timetabling these in a way that allows flexibility in the path that students take on their journey of learning Mathematics.

Years 9 and 10

The Stage 5 syllabus includes core topics building upon the learning outcomes of Stage 4. Number skills are applied to Financial Mathematics. Algebraic skills are extended to Quadratic Equations and graphing skills to both linear and non-linear relationships. Measurement is applied to Surface Areas and Trigonometry is added. Statistics is developed further to include Bivariate Data.

Optional topics are studies by students if and when they are ready for these. These include Logarithms, Parabolas, Circle Geometry and Polynomials.

Selected students can follow an Acceleration pathway, studying all Stage 5 content in Year 9 and going on to Stage 6 in Year 10. This has resulted in outstanding HSC results, as students have developed extra learning skills and study habits by being challenged in Year 9, which they then apply to their Stage 6 learning - in Maths Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2.

Maths Help and Other Support

At some point in their learning of Mathematics, all students should need some extra help. Whether it is merely a tricky question from homework or a need to catch up after being absent, “Maths Help” is the place to get the assistance needed.