In Stage 5 (Years 9 and 10) currently French and Italian are the elective courses offered from which students can choose from to further nurture their linguistic interests. Many students chose to continue their language studies during their senior years at St Vincent's College. French and Italian are currently offered as preliminary, HSC continuers courses.

  • French K-10 Syllabus
  • Italian K-10 Syllabus
  • French Continuers Stage 6 Syllabus
  • Italian Continuers Stage 6 Syllabus

Teaching and Learning

The teaching of languages focuses on the development of four macro skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. At St Vincent's, we endeavour to engage students in active language learning. We seek to create a dynamic classroom environment in which all student contributions and achievements are valued and celebrated. We take a communicative approach to language learning; from the outset, girls are encouraged to use the target language in realistic spoken and written contexts.

At St Vincent's College we are lucky to have a multitude of language-learning resources available to staff and Students. Technology is an integral part of teaching and learning at the College, and the languages classroom environment is enriched by the use of a range of digital media. Students of languages across all years are exposed to interactive computer programs and online activities, developing a variety of authentic learning strategies and using the language in realistic scenarios.

All students of languages are encouraged and supported to reach their full potential. We endeavour to extend gifted linguists and those with significant prior knowledge of the languages offered by providing extension materials, including independent project-based use of technology.

Students at St Vincent's College also have the opportunity to engage in language learning across the curriculum and becoming “leaders” in Languages. For example, students in years 9 to 11 have the opportunity to become Language Ambassadors, and promote the importance of multi-lingualism as global citizens.

Why study languages?

While studying French or Italian at St Vincent's College not only do you learn to communicate in a foreign language, but you can also learn how languages work. Learning a language opens the path towards new ways of thinking and gives you different insights into your own culture and language. By speaking another language you may even discover new sides of your personality!

At St Vincent's College, we hope to inspire lifelong learners with a passion for languages. Many students continue their language studies beyond their school years, as many universities are offering an increasing number of courses requiring one year's overseas study in a foreign language. Language skills are a valuable asset in many career paths.


Language Study Tours

A highlight for many students is a trip to the country of their studied language. St Vincent's College runs a study tour to France and Italy every second year, open to students in Years 9 to 11. Currently all overseas tours are suspended during COVID.


A highlight for students is the annual Eurovinnies song and video competition. Language Students from years 7 to 11 choreograph routines, learn the words and film a pop song in their language of study. The competition is fierce and everyone is keen to be amongst the nominees for a range of categories from “Best Lip-Synching” to “Best Overall Video”.

Language Day

The Languages Day for Year 8 students, captures the enthusiasm and excitements of the whole college community, especially when the waffles, crepes and gelato is offered at lunch time, raising money for The School of St Jude’s in Tanzania. Students are also involved in an array of cultural and linguistic activities, such as cooking, trivia, cultural games and dancing.

Weblinks & Apps - online resources

The internet brings authentic Language Learning to your fingertips - read the headlines in French or look up the weather in Rome! It is also a great tool for independent study. Many websites offer self-correcting interactive activities. We have used the following websites in class and encourage students to practice and explore at home:

  • Click on the specific language to the left of the screen
  • Great resource for Year 7-10 for building initial vocabulary and grammar
  • Over 2000 exercises for all languages = try one a day!
  • A comprehensive senior languages online learning resource that we currently use for senior classes in German and French. You are able to trial this for 30 days free.
  • An amazing vocabulary learning tool that hooks students into expanding their vocabulary skills in not only their language of study but all available languages on offer. Well worth a look.


  • duolingo
  • babbel

The Languages Department is comprised of:

  • Ms Maria Manitta - Head of Department - Acting
  • Ms Joanne Anderson
  • Ms Agatha Khachigian
  • Ms Audrey Roby

Contact the Languages Department:
Ms Maria Manitta