The aim of English at St Vincent's College is to inspire a life-long love of literature, reading, writing and communicating. The study of English provides students with exciting opportunities to explore how literature can help us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us, and learn about experiences beyond our own personal contexts so that they can become engaged, empathetic and active global learners and citizens. Our English programmes align with the rationales and outcomes of the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabuses and are underpinned by the Catholic Christian framework and College’s values, thus supporting students to develop and express a system of personal values.

Our pedagogies focus on fostering students to be creative, critical, collaborative and reflective in their processes of thinking, reading, writing and communicating. Our teaching practices offer choice and a variety of learning activities, allowing opportunities for all students to develop their self-efficacy and maximise their learning potential to become confident, rigorous and independent learners.

The English Department offers a range of enrichment activities for students to further explore their literary interests and capabilities, including the following:

  • inviting published authors to speak to and work with students
  • annual public speaking, creative writing and poetry competitions
  • encouraging student participation in external English competitions, including ICAS competitions