The spirit of Ignatius is built on the belief that each person is created in the image of God. This calls us to respect the dignity and value of every individual. This is reflected in the ongoing commitment to assist each student to attain her full potential, including the commitment to support students with learning support needs and our gifted and talented learners.

The Diverse Learning program is offered at St Vincent’s College as a whole school approach and is guided by the Sisters of Charity Values; Mary Aikenhead Educational Philosophy; Ignatian pedagogy; NESA guidelines for Special Education; NSW Department of Education and Training Special Education Students Policy, and NSW Department of Education and Training Gifted and Talented Students Policy.


The diversity of student learning needs is met in many ways including intensive reading/Maths groups, extension/co-curricular activities, a differentiated curriculum, in-class assistance, Disability Provisions for examinations, mentoring, counselling, emotional support, career assistance, profile meetings (parents, staff, external professionals), appropriate class placement, ongoing professional development of staff and referrals and links to outside organisations for assistance and enrichment


At St Vincent’s College, our understanding of the nature of giftedness is based on Françoys Gagné's Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent. The model recognises that people can possess a diverse range of gifts and that students require a supportive, nurturing environment to ensure that this potential can be realised through exceptional achievement.


The learning needs of gifted students are quantitatively and qualitatively different from those of other students and thus require the implementation and maintenance of clustered groupings of students who participate in specialised teaching programs and pedagogies particularly suited to their specific academic and affective needs.

In addition to this understanding St Vincent’s College also recognises the importance of integrating gifted education strategies into all Key Learning Areas (KLAs) to ensure that the core curriculum is relevant and significant for gifted learners and will support them in developing their gifts on a daily basis, within the context of the classroom.

The encouragement of inquiry-based learning and critical thinking is integral across the College curriculum and although this pedagogy is well suited to the gifted learner, other more specialised interventions are also offered.


A chance for gifted girls to pursue passions and interests is offered through enrichment challenges, links with external courses and mentoring. St Vincent's College believes that gifted students have considerable capacity to take on extra-curricular activities and recommends participation in the myriad of enrichment opportunities the college offers.

St Vincent’s College students participate in a wide variety of activities such as Philosothon, Ethics Olympiad, Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Da Vinci Decathlon, Match Olympiad, Advanced Readers Book Club, Readers and Writers Enrichment Group, Chess Club and additional opportunities that present over the year.


At St Vincent’s there will be students who may experience difficulties with learning which may arise at any time throughout a student’s school life. The classroom teacher is responsible for meeting the specific learning needs of students with difficulties. The Learning Support team plays a crucial role in ensuring that the specific learning needs of students experiencing difficulties in learning are met.