Ensembles and clubs are facilitated and taught to support the College's policy of inclusion. Everyone is welcome, supported and nurtured. Creating and performing even in front of like-minded individuals requires bravery and St Vincent’s aims are for our students to be confident, creative, independent young women. The Performing Arts Ensembles and Clubs actively develop these attributes in our students.

Ballet Ensemble

The Ballet Ensemble aims to foster students who have a passion and talent for Classical Ballet. Our weekly classes provide a complete training program offering a variety of open class work, classical conditioning and choreography in preparation for the annual dance concert.

Jazz Dance Ensemble

Jazz Dance is very popular at St Vincent’s with ensembles running after school each day. Jazz Dance ensembles are designed to cater to the strengths and experience of the students in each group allowing them to build skills specifically for their needs. Choreography for the group then reflects and highlights their growing ability and skills. Students learn a variety of styles and choreography including Jazz, Musical Theatre and Hip Hop.


The St Vincent’s College Orchestra aims to develop performance skills of the individual student and instill an enjoyment in performing as part of an ensemble. The Orchestra provides support tailored to the needs and interests of each member. The music styles performed range from a balanced program of Classical repertoire and Popular repertoire. Special parts are written at different levels of difficulty, as required, and sectional rehearsals are held occasionally to assist in learning the instrumental parts. Students gain instrumental expertise and confidence in a relaxed setting, which helps build a sense of camaraderie. Regular performances opportunities are available at assemblies, special functions, music concerts and competitions.

String Ensemble

The String Ensemble is a small group with rehearsals held at lunch time. Students who play violin, viola, cello or double bass are able to join this ensemble. Students will engage in a variety of repertoire as well as develop their skills and experience in an enjoyable ensemble setting.

Jazz Band

The Jazz Band play a range of traditional Jazz pieces from 1920s up to present day Jazz Fusion. Students learn to improvise while enjoying performing in a medium sized ensemble. Playing a number of high level, professional arrangements, the Jazz Band is suited to experienced instrumentalists and vocalists.

Rock Band

We have soundproofed rehearsal rooms and sometimes these students really test it out. The Rock Band is a lively group of students who rehearse and explore many styles of popular music. They perform at various College events and compete and do the college proud at Rock Band competitions.


The College Choir explores both secular and liturgical music liberally. They also delve into art music, popular and folk music ensuring that the vast and varied talents of the students are accessed and highlighted. The College Choir performs regularly at College Masses, liturgies, and Community events.


Improvisation games allow students to learn how to improvise and grow confidence on stage. Representatives from the College compete in Theatresports and other competitions throughout the year.

Co-curricular Performing Arts Tuition

The College Co-curricular programme allows students to elect to have lessons with a specialised Tutor in Dance, Drama and Music either individually or in a small group. Students may learn Contemporary Dance, Speech and Drama, Voice and Music including; piano, keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, trumpet, French horn, trombone, tuba, violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, percussion and drum kit, and music technology. The Private Tuition programme at the College is extremely popular and supports and extends the talents and skills of individual students. This program also assists in continuing to build the level of skills for the ensembles at the College and contributes to the overall engagement in College life with individual students also being offered performance opportunities. Classes are primarily scheduled during school time.

Co-Curricular Co-Ordinator

Ms Belinda Peoples
P - (02) 9368 1611

E - peoplesb@stvincents.nsw.edu.au

Enrolments for Performing Arts Ensembles are now open. For further information please email Belinda Peoples peoplesb@stvincents.nsw.edu.au.