Terms and Conditions:

It is expected that students are committed to ensembles and attend all rehearsals for the full year. Students who arrive to rehearsal more than 10 minutes late, will be recorded as a partial absence.

If a student is sick or will be absent from rehearsal please email Ms Peoples (peoplesb@stvincents.nsw.edu.au) and your ensemble leader to inform them as soon as possible. Where possible please have all after school appointments made out of this scheduled rehearsal time.

Students are required to show their commitment to the process of creating successful performances by: not being late to rehearsals, not missing more than two rehearsals per term (without a note).

Students must wear appropriate dance/physical fitness attire or bring instrument.

Ensemble fees will be charged to your College account at the end of Term 1. Any changes to enrolment must be made in writing to Ms Peoples prior to this or you will be billed for the annual amount, and no refund will be given.