The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is an international leadership in action program. The Award provides the opportunity to experience a sense of personal achievement through individual challenge, team work and fun. It is well-regarded in the community and by many employers. Once again many St Vincent’s students have chosen to participate in this prestigious challenge. This year we have students from Years 8-12 participating in Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Ed experience.

There are four sections that must be completed to qualify for an Award: Volunteering, Skills, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journeys. These activities provide an opportunity for girls to acquire and develop skills, initiative and self-esteem which will help them become more confident and contributing members of the community.

Participants design their own program by selecting activities they are interested in, setting their own goals and striving to achieve their own potential. The College organises opportunities during term time for girls to complete the practice and qualifying Adventurous Journeys for the award. These expeditions are a great experience and a lot of fun. The Award is complementary to many other activities that girls may already be doing as part of their sporting and co-curricular activities both within and external to the College, and helps to recognise their efforts and commitment in these areas.

Duke of Edinburgh International Award Logo

The Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator:

Ms Edelle McCrudden
P: 02 9368 1611

For more information you can also access the Duke of Edinburgh website.